Rabbi Barbara Aiello
Bat Mitzvah Camila Sobral is called to the Torah in
July, 2005 as the first ever Progressive Bat (or Bar)
Mitzvah in Rome.  
Bar and Bat Mitzvah preparation can be an
inspiring and enjoyable process when the
ceremony itself is held in Italy.  Especially
designed for interfaith  families,
American and Jewish American familes, or for
children with special learning needs, this
unique program allows the student to study at
home and then join Rabbi Barbara Aiello in
Italy for the actual ceremony.
Synagogue Ner Tamid del Sud is located in
Serrastretta, Italy - a beautiful village in
Calabria, It is often called "Little Switzerland"
Course work includes a hands-on mitzvah
project where the student shares in a Tikkun
Olam experience to help make the world a
better place.  Torah reading in Hebrew is
geared to the student's interest and skill level
and this friendly approach to Torah
guarantees a spiritual experience of a life time.

Interfaith families share bimah honors and the
southern Italian venue can accommodate large
family groups for both a festive kiddush meal
and overnight accommodations.  Interested?  
Contact Rabbi Barbara Aiello in Italy.
A Distance Learning Program
with Rabbi Barbara Aiello

Our students work with the local tutor of your
choice.  The first step is Hebrew language
preparation as your son or daughter learns to
read the basics. Rabbi Barbara communicates
directly with your tutor so that  Hebrew reading
is adapted to the students’ needs and abilities.  
The amount of Hebrew to be read and the way
it is read is based upon the individual needs of
the student.  Every student, regardless of
learning style, difference or disability, can
Becoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah in Italy
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First Bar
Mitzvah in
Calabria in 500
Bar/Bat Mitzvah Preparation
Italy's Five Books of Miriam
The Torah contains the Five Books of Moses, but the five young women
who represent the first B'not Mitzvah to read from the Torah scroll in
Italy's history represent a move toward the future.  "They are Italy's
Books of Miriam
In Italy Five Girls Read From the Torah
"The Bar and Bat Mitzvah
experience in our village is a
unique experience. The
Perello-Wasserman family
joined us in August 2014 and
joyfully share their family
album. Click here and enjoy!"
Perello Bar Mitzvah
Reclaiming their Judaism has been difficult for many secret Jews,
called “bnai anusim,” or “children of the forced ones,” so it was
with great joy and pride that Vincenzo Uziel Li Calzi, a Sicilian “ben
anusim” made Jewish history by becoming the third Jew to have a
public Bar Mitzvah ceremony on the island of Sicily in 500 years
An Anusim Bar Mitzvah
in Palermo, Sicily
Vincenzo’s Victory
By Rabbi Barbara Aiello