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Summer/Fall 2014 (5774-5)
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July 4 - Wedding in Taormina, Sicily - Mazel Tov to Elizabeth and

July 7 - Bat Mitzvah in Serrastretta - Mazel Tov to Felicia

July 10 – Bar Mitzvah in Serrastretta – Mazel Tov to Leo

July 13 - Wedding in Bologna - Mazel Tov to Ariel and Lisa

July 25 – Wedding at Lago di Stresa – Mazel Tov to Allison and

July 30 - August 2 - Bar Mitzvah in Barcelona- Mazel Tov to Alex

August 7 - B'nei Mitzvah in Rome - Mazel Tov to Ali and Oliver

August 8-9 - Serrastretta - Welcome to Rabbi Jacqueline Tabick -
head of the World Union of Progressive Judaism European Region Bet
Din - London

August 10-11 - Serrastretta -  Synagogue Ner Tamid Del Sud opens its
doors to visitors in support of the town’s historical festival, “Serrastretta
nel Tempo.”

August 19 - Bar Mitzvah in Serrastretta - Mazel Tov to Jake

August 26 - Bar Mitzvah in Serrastretta - Mazel Tov to Matthew

August 31 - Wedding in Umbria - Mazel Tov to Casey and Joel

September 9 - Wedding in Capri - Mazel Tov to Sabrina and Sean

September 11 - Wedding in Tuscany - Mazel Tov to Bev and

September 22 - October 21 - Juneau, Alaska -  Rabbi Barbara
serves Synagogue Sukkat Shalom, Juneau, Alaska, for High Holy Day
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July, August, September & October
A Rabbi helps
Italians find their
Jewish roots
14 Oct 2013
7 Oct 2013
Story of
Reclaiming their Judaism has been difficult for many secret Jews,
called “bnai anusim,” or “children of the forced ones,” so it was
with great joy and pride that Vincenzo Uziel Li Calzi, a Sicilian “ben
anusim” made Jewish history by becoming the third Jew to have a
public Bar Mitzvah ceremony on the island of Sicily in 500 years
An Anusim Bar Mitzvah
in Palermo, Sicily
Vincenzo’s Victory
By Rabbi Barbara Aiello
Ebrei per un giorno
Palermo: figli di Abramo in
un mondo che cambia
6 GIUGNO 2014
by Chiara
Sinagoga Ner Tamid del Sud, Calabria's
first active synagogue since Inquisition
times, welcomes Rabbi Jackie Tabick, UK's
first woman rabbi to a Shabbaton weekend.
A recognized leader for interfaith issues,  Rabbi Tabick will be guest
of honor at our Shabbat Seder and she will meet with congregants and
conversion students in her capacity as lead rabbi for the European
Region Bet Din of the World Union of Progressive Judaism.
August 8-9, 2014