Rabbi Barbara Aiello
Rabbi Barbara with Leila
Sobral as she becomes
Bat Mitzvah in Rome, Italy
on May 22, 2010
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Mailing Address
Italian children with
Jewish Roots celebrate
Shavuot in "Timpone,"
the old Jewish Quarter
of Nicastro (Calabria)
Sarasota, FL, USA:

Calling from Outside the USA:
(001) 941-306-3255

Skype Internet Telephone:  rbaiello
In Italy she is rabbi of Ner Tamid del Sud, the Calabria Synagogue, and
in Sarasota she is resident rabbi of the Jewish Senior Living Facility,
Kobernick House and Anchin Pavilion.  See
Calendar for exact dates.
The Catholic Church in
Timpone, the Old Jewish
Quarter in Nicastro. The
church was once a
synagogue.  Note how the
rose window was adapted
from what was originally
the Star of David.
Florida Office:
Rabbi Barbara Aiello/IjCCC
835 S. Osprey Ave, #409
Sarasota, FL 34236
Rabbi Barbara divides her time between Serrastretta, Italy in the
summer and Sarasota, Florida in the winter.
Rabbi Barbara with Bar
Mitzvah brothers, Dylan
and Corey, who travelled
from California for their
celebration in Italy
Pluralistic Judaism in
Europe is on the move and
in Italy it is growing fast.  Like
modern Jews around the
world we believe in
egalitarian participation in
services, supporting
interfaith families and in
making the Jewish religion
relevant to modern life.
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