Rabbi Barbara Aiello
    A Jewish wedding in Fiesoli , Italy. Rabbi Barbara officiates at a wedding ceremony in the
    garden of an medieval castle.
Rabbi Barbara officiates a the signing of
the Ketubah, the ancient Jewish wedding
document.  Within the Progressive
(Reform) Jewish movement, "Ketubot"
are often unique and personal, with
egalitarian language that deomonstates
reciprocal love and committment. Here
the bride signs the Ketubah before the
ceremony.  In a Progressive wedding the
ketubah can be signed either before or
during the ceremony.
The wedding couple is married under the
chuppah, the traditional bridal canopy that
represents the roof of the home they will
now share together as husband and wife.  
At left a violinist plays traditional Jewish
Klezmir music at this
Interfaith ceremony.  
(Firenze, Italy)
Wedding Photos
Interfaith wedding in Italy
The traditional "breaking of the glass" under
the chuppah at
The Grand Hotel, Rimini, Italy
Photo: Sandy Goldsmith
First Jewish
in Calabria
in 500