Rabbi Barbara Aiello
Working with Rabbi Barbara

Your wedding ceremony with Rabbi Barbara will be a Progressive/Reform service -
a modern Jewish or Jewish Interfaith wedding. The wedding ceremony features a
combination of Hebrew and English (along with  Italian or Spanish if needed).  

You will have the opportunity to work with Rabbi Barbara to plan and personalize
your ceremony. If the wedding is a Jewish/Interfaith ceremony, the focus is on those
religious concepts that unite us as people of faith. If the wedding is a co-officiated
ceremony Rabbi Barbara will work with the priest or minister to create a service that
celebrates your  shared traditions.  

Rabbi Barbara will work with your wedding coordinator to assure that you have the
essentials of a Jewish wedding.  She will help you find and/or create a chuppah and
help you select a ketubah (Jewish wedding document) that is right for you.  For
Interfaith couples, beautiful ketubot exist that celebrate the uniting of two faiths.  

If families, either Jewish or Interfaith, have questions about the ceremony, Rabbi
Barbara is happy to offer help and support and will make a personal call to each family
so that everyone feels comfortable and included.

What couples and families say about a wedding with Rabbi Barbara

“All our thanks for making J and T’s wedding so
beautiful, moving, and extraordinary. Everyone present
was deeply touched. From your very first words …
everyone present could feel the holiness of the moment.
You gave each blessing so much meaning. You invited
the guests to participate. You spoke from the heart about
our children and the strength of their relationship. You
brought so much joy and warmth to the ceremony and
made it truly sacred and wonderful.”

“We are just back from Italy and wanted to say a big thank you for the most
wonderful wedding service; you made it so special for our children and for our
guests …so many people commented on the service.  Our non-Jewish guests
especially loved it.”

“Thank you very much for your wonderful service in May.  It was an amazing
wedding and you were an invaluable part of it. Both of us and all of the guests
enjoyed your service very much.  I got nothing but complements about everything
you did.  Thank you so very much.  We shall remember it forever!”
Your Wedding
in Italy
Jewish Weddings
Mazel Tov, Congratulations and “Auguri” on your upcoming wedding.  May you both be
blessed with a lifetime of joy and happiness.  As you begin your married life together, the
beauty of a wedding in Italy will, as the psalmists say, “fill your hearts with gladness and joy.”
When a couple chooses to mark this special event in Italy,  they
have truly selected a Jewish experience!  We Italian Jews
represent the  very first Jews in the Diaspora! .  We trace our
history back to the time of the Macabbes (the family from the
Chanukah story) who sent scouting parties from Judea to search
for help in their struggle to survive.  As their tiny craft drifted into the
Mediterranean Sea the Jewish scouts were entranced by the
beautiful mist rising above miles of pristine coastline.

In Hebrew they exclaimed, “Aiee-tal-ya.,”  “Aiee” is Hebrew for
“coastline,”  “tal” is Hebrew for “dew,” and “ya” is a contracted form
of one of the names of God (see psalm 68:4).  “Ee-tal-ya,” or
“Italia,”  which means “the coastline of God’s dew.”  Yes, it was the
Jews who first gave Italy its name  so coming to Italy to become
husband and wife is truly coming home.
Rabbi Barbara conducts Jewish & Interfaith
Weddings, Commitment Ceremonies, and
Renewal of Vows in Italy, the United States
and will travel around the world. Contact
her for your personalized ceremony.
"Fireworks light up the sky at a ceremony
held in an ancient Tuscan castle"
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As you plan for your special day, there are so many things to
consider and  many decisions to make.  And one of the most
important of all is your ceremony.  Your Jewish wedding or your
Jewish/Interfaith wedding under the
Chuppah (the bridal canopy)
is a spiritual experience that will be the highlight of your life together.  
Inviting God into your partnership, sharing and affirming your
traditions and celebrating your heritage with your family and friends  
will give beauty and meaning to your ceremony that will extend into
your married life together.
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ORIGINAL TUSCAN WEDDING is honored to collaborate with Rabbi Barbara Aiello, the first woman
rabbi and first modern liberal rabbi in Italy. Rabbi Barbara will assist you with the preparations and
will work with the bridal couple to personalize the ceremony. Your ceremony can be held in a private
villa that will accommodate your friends and family as they enjoy your wedding and a holiday
vacation. Or we can suggest an array of beautiful locations where the Jewish or Interfaith blessing
and reception can be held.