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Rabbi Barbara Partners with the SALTO Project
to Offer a Synagogue Home to suffering Venezuelans 

Sebastian and Carla are Venezuelans. They are parents of a young daughter, Emma. Sebastian’s family has Jewish ancestry. They are “b’nei anusim,” – descendants of Jews who were forced into conversion during Inquisition times. It is our hope to welcome Sebastian, Carla and Emma to Sinagoga Ner Tamid del Sud, our synagogue here in Serrastretta. 

Sebastian says, “The main reason to go to Serrastretta is for Emma. We want to have a quiet family life, since in Venezuela it is impossible because of violence and crime. We want to grow as people, intellectually, professionally and spiritually, Venezuela, our beloved country, no longer offers growth possibilities of any kind.”  

Thanks to the SALTO Project’s experience in bringing Venezuelans to safe havens, Rabbi Barbara and SALTO director, Guido Nunez-Mujica now are working to raise funds to bring 8 – 10 families to Serrastretta, Italy for 90 days – a time period that will allow these families to acclimate culturally and to learn the Italian language. 

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